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No matter how successful the endeavor, the leaders who possess the drive to keep moving forward are the ones who continue to win. In this article, we explain why “scrappiness” is a core value at Howbridge—a characteristic all founders should aim to embody.

As the saying goes, if you’re not moving forward, you’re falling back.

Forward momentum is the pinnacle of the human condition. Without it, we wouldn’t have the wheel, electricity or medication to treat diseases that once decimated entire communities.

The world of business is no different.

No matter how successful the endeavor, the leaders who possess the drive to keep moving forward are the ones who continue to win.

 We like to call these scrappy entrepreneurs.

 The kind of people who are constantly thinking of ways to improve their product or dreaming up new innovations all together. Trailblazers who won’t take “no” for an answer—the kind who will work tirelessly to come up with the solution they need.

Whether they wear the title of founder, entrepreneur, creator or investor, they understand that if you stop swimming, the current will take you away.

Because in a world that moves as quickly as ours, you have to have a relentless focus and commitment to your vision, your company and your cause.

In business, there is no cruising altitude. You have to keep climbing.

And you need a co-pilot to help you stay the course should you encounter a little turbulence—that’s us.

From the moment we set out on our mission to help companies bridge the gap between idea and execution, we knew scrappiness was going to be one of our core values.

After all, we’ve been in your shoes.

We’ve launched ventures, grown companies, and held executive roles that generate results.

Our team of entrepreneurs, founders, and builders has learned the art of balancing the need for quick wins with long-term planning.

And, trust us, we’ve encountered our fair share of turbulence along the way.

In working with 100’s of companies, we’ve seen just how far a determined spirit can take you—and how detrimental a loss of that momentum can be.

When you launch a business—whether you see instant success or it takes time to build momentum—it’s easy to fall into the trap of complacency once you reach your moniker of success.

Like the airplane analogy, the climb to your goal is motivating.

You’re focused on reaching that defined point of success—your safe cruising altitude. And when you get there, that loss of momentum can make it tempting to switch on autopilot and walk away from the wheel.

Our job is to help you understand where you lost your spark. To help you regain control of the plane.

Maybe you haven’t had the courage to make changes to your leadership team or your product line has become stale. Perhaps your corporate culture has lost sight of its values—or you need to shift your values to represent where you are now.

We’ll help you assess the factors that are holding you back from moving from cruising altitude to reaching for the stars.

Because scrappy founders are always ready for the next climb—they never lose sight of that initial spark that started their engine.

So, what do you say—are you ready to meet your co-pilots?

Get in touch to learn how we can help you rekindle the spark and embody the scrappy entrepreneur you were meant to be.

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