We help orgs & new ventures build actionable growth plans. Then execute them.

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Whether at a launch, growth or pivoting to new opportunities,

companies face incredibly complex challenges.

Too often, companies facing these matters turn to a series of disparate consultants – continuing to bring siloed answers to interconnected challenges.

When we started our firm in 1999, it was with the sole purpose to shift the status quo and bridge the solutions gap growing companies face by bringing together the complementary skills needed to capture opportunity and achieve sustained growth.

As we design a vision, strategy and execution plan, we consider how the individual elements impact each other. We think big and bold while balancing the need for quick wins with long term planning.

Where others address challenges in isolation, Howbridge brings together solutions that amplify success by considering obstacles as opportunities. Our integrated approach makes this possible.



What we do.

We execute
strategy + ops across
the Radiants of Growth™.



Howbridge assesses existing plans, then sets a process for designing a new strategy or aligning existing efforts. We collaborate across departments to scope objectives, define roles and set measurable goals. We then work side-by-side to help your team to execute.

Howbridge assesses existing plans, then sets a process for designing a new strategy or aligning existing efforts. We collaborate across departments to scope objectives, define roles, and set measurable goals. We then work side-by-side to help your team to execute. 

  • Actionable Growth Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Communications Plan
  • Data Analysis

At Howbridge, we begin working on a strategic plan on day one. We focus on a quick ramp supported with measurable goals. Instead of taking six months to hand off a 600-page document, we deliver a rapid path to growth that sets realistic milestones. We further assess your team and add additional bandwidth to help you execute and achieve your goals.

  • Needs Assessment
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Strategic Planning

Howbridge is shoulder-to-shoulder with clients in identifying investors and securing capital for launch, growth and/or pivot to new opportunities. We actively work with companies to articulate their purpose, value and why they are best positioned to address the market need.

  • Fundraising & Pitch Assist
  • Clear & Accurate Financial Forecasting
  • Value Proposition

Howbridge helps founders and companies analyze and pressure test the market fit of novel and emerging business ideas. We work side-by-side to build out the requisite elements to attract funding, such as value proposition, market-entry plans and pricing strategies.

  • Launch a New Venture
  • Proof of Concept
  • Commercialization Plan
  • Go-to-Market Strategies

Howbridge develops pricing frameworks and revenue strategies to ensure companies are profitable and capturing the value they provide.

  • Pricing & Revenue Strategies
  • Margin Analysis
  • Forecasting & Modeling

Howbridge’s analysts work with clients to compile essential data on their own business as well as on competitors and the broader landscape. By asking the right questions of the data, we help clients better understand their businesses and their marketplace so they can seize competitive advantage.

  • Market & Competitive Research
  • Data Analysis

Launch, grow and pivot to new opportunities.

Defining your purpose and telling your story.


When looking at communication and culture challenges facing an organization, solutions are best built through the underlying brand strategy. Through our process, we assess, analyze and develop the foundation for a strong brand and align with culture-building initiatives.  

A solid brand strategy is a pillar for all marketing, communications and culture-building efforts. It summarizes a distinct purpose, helps define the look and feel and identifies the audience we are trying to reach. The messages we stand behind, our mission and overall “promise” are delivered through these core concepts.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand & Culture Alignment

Howbridge works with clients to define customer base segments and articulate the product attributes that meet their various needs. We then help clients design plans to continue to meet customers’ evolving needs over the customer and product lifecycle.

  • Product & Service Line Development
  • Launch & Entry
  • Product Lineup Strategy

Standing out in a crowded marketplace requires defining a company or product’s unique value. By achieving market category ownership, clients are able to command premium pricing, increase brand equity and close deals faster. For disruptors, it’s even more essential for positioning to clearly meet customer needs. Creating a category allows a new or complex offering to articulate how it addresses a customer pain point in a novel or compelling way.

  • Category Design
  • Brand Development, Identity & Naming
  • Segmentation & Messaging

Org & Ops

Ambitious, sustainable growth is fueled by skilled and motivated teams. Every team member is compelled by the organization’s vision and goals – and they understand the role they play in achieving long-term growth.

We build the tools and resources that organizations need to collaborate across teams to execute coordinated growth strategies. 

Howbridge work’s with clients to build innovation growth cultures. We work with your team to identify strengths and focus areas. We help executives understand team culture, identify skill and resource gaps and open communications across teams to foster collaboration and alignment. And we help teams maintain that culture even as they expand.

  • Organizational Alignment
  • Culture Building Initiatives

Sometimes clichés are true: it IS lonely at the top. Executives often don’t have a thought partner on their team who sees the full picture, leaving them to grapple with big decisions alone. Leaders need a confidential advisor with whom they can have open conversations, strategize and hear feedback.

Howbridge’s team has been in your seat, understands your team and sees the external factors you’re navigating. Howbrige executive advisors work with leaders and entrepreneurs to set and attain professional goals – for themselves and for the organization overall.

  • C-Suite Advisory
  • Entrepreneur & Early-Stage Advisory
  • Family Business Advisory

Optimizing your organization to grow now.

Designing unique customer experiences.


The experience and interaction of your company is not limited to customers or a single sales transaction. It’s active at all levels of engagement with employees, customers, prospects, board members and investors. An authentic and consistent experience is a central tenet of your brand and the hallmark of success for lasting relationships. Meaningful interaction and engagement is the key differentiator that drives sustained success.

Designing unique consistent, yet unique experiences for your internal and external audiences allows you to deliver value at every opportunity. The strategy in developing the end-to-end interaction along the buying journey from a prospect > lead > customer > advocate or creating alignment across functional departments all  leads to increased value, efficiencies and harmony.   

Howbridge’s production team develops the visual communication infrastructure that is expected of a blue chip brand. We build out creative collateral and digital products such as websites and videos to tell your brand’s story.

  • Creative Production
  • Video & Podcasts

At Howbridge, we work with organizations to become digital first companies by humanizing digital engagement.

Something we all know; human connection and, in turn, the market will continue to get more digital. With global economies, WFH and online meetings becoming the norm, branded digital interactions are essential to growing your organization.

We help organizations rethink digital – how they are engaging with the market, how to best leverage digital channels to build their brands, deliver their services and move towards digital transformation. Whether it’s a corporate website or building an application to better serve your customers, Howbridge can bridge the digital gap.

  • Website Development
  • Application Development
  • Digital Marketing

Whether in-person or online, consumers are moved by special experiences. Touchpoints can be from company events, seminars, webinars, conferences, congresses, to keynote speaking – consistent and branded experience is crucial in connecting and giving your customers and prospects a positive experience allowing you to build brand equity.

  • Event Production & Logistics
  • Event Promotion


Compelling brands allow companies to compete on more than just price. Authentic, purpose-driven connections with audiences foster enduring customer loyalty.

Building brand awareness is essential but it is just the starting point. Howbridge brings life and authenticity to our customers’ brands. We help clients look like the company they are and that their audiences want to engage with.

We view market engagement as coordinated efforts at the intersection of marketing and sales. When these elements work in tandem, teams create efficiencies, speak with a unified voice and move customers through the buy cycle faster.

Where other firms stop at strategy, Howbridge follows through to execution of messaging and collateral. Howbridge’s production team is fully integrated with our clients’ teams. Together, we build the creative and digital production engine that fuels engagement and growth efforts.

  • Brand Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Product Marketing

Howbridge gives sales teams tailwinds through segmenting targets, leveraging technology, setting key messaging and defining calls to actions.

  • Target Growth Areas
  • Sales Sequencing
  • CRM Strategy
  • Sales Tools & Resources

Howbridge adds bandwidth to your team by enabling technology platforms to automate and inform your marketing strategy. The right tools can help your marketing and sales teams automate, track data, nurture prospects, qualify leads and make data-driven decisions.

  • Marketing & Sales Automation
  • Process Development
  • Technology Deployment & Workflow Automation

Connection through shared value & purpose.