We are growth + ops. Together at last.

TLDR, watch this quick video on what type of firm we are.

We partner with pioneers

to accelerate growing organizations.

For over 20 years, we’ve partnered with leaders in healthcare, technology & professional services to turn their big ideas into successful ventures.

Many years ago, when looking for a firm like ours, we saw that there was a void in the market for a “true, borderless partner.” There were plenty of ad hoc consultants and specialty firms that would all promise the same results but only wound up delivering hourly bills.

At Howbridge, we bring the growth, brand, organization experience and engagement business development services that emerging companies require to bridge the gap between idea and execution.

We’ve learned building growth is best as a collaborative process. That’s why we approach engagements as a true, borderless partner. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients, advising and executing along the way as one team.

We’re all in.

Firm Leadership

Founder & CEO

Jeffrey Prag

Founder & Brand Strategist

Mark Canegallo

Founder & CEO

Jeffrey Prag

Jeff has a diverse background having worked in the life sciences, healthcare, professional services and corporate arenas. A successful entrepreneur, Jeff started and built two companies. He knows first-hand the challenges and importance of a clear strategy, business model, branding, engagement strategies, cash management and team building. He has worked with companies in various stages of start-up; emerging growth and growth enterprises, as well as attendant funding needs taking them from the concept-stage through various levels of development to solid profitability.

Jeff has consulted and worked alongside 100+ companies to provide tailored solutions for concept and strategic development for established, entrepreneur and start-up enterprises. Jeff provides clients with business development experience and/or interim C-Level management skills, as well as consulting services, including, but not limited to strategic guidance, concept validation, commercialization development, corporate marketing and branding.


Founder & Brand Strategist

Mark Canegallo

As a founding principal of Howbridge, Mark plays a lead role in business strategy and brand development. He collaborates with organizations and new ventures to set a vision for how their brand will look, sound, and act. Clients also partner with Mark to better communicate their business values and competitive advantage to position themselves for growth.

Mark has worked on hundreds of campaigns across a wide array of industries. Over the last fifteen years, he has helped entrepreneurs launch companies, bring products to market, rebrand, and position organizations to maximize growth.

Mark has served as president of his local Rotary International club and mentors high school and college students interested in careers in the creative economy. He also provides pro bono consulting and design services to a number of local and national education nonprofits.

Our clients have called us many things…




Call us whatever you want, we focus on the work.

We built our team to best serve you. We have brought together an integrated team of entrepreneurs, founders, and builders. People have been in your shoes: launched ventures, grown companies, and held executive roles that generate results.

Our Core Values

We do right by you and your clients. We look out for your interest. We face challenges openly and honestly. High standards are our standard.

We measure our success by how well our clients meet their goals. We track our impact and adjust course when the data shows opportunities to improve. We learn from our past and use our experience to innovate.

Creativity isn’t an output, it’s a thought process. We bring innovative approaches in strategy, processes, business models and market engagement that enable our clients to create and capture value. We ground our perspective in empathy so the solutions we bring meet real customer needs. Where others see problems, we chart solutions.

We know effective strategy relies on excellent execution. We plug in, roll up our sleeves, understand the company culture and dynamics, and then put in place the building blocks of growth. We take you from idea to implementation.

Building growth is a collaborative process, that is why we approach engagements as a partner. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients, advising and executing along the way. We approach engagements as one of your team. We are all in.