A leading cybersecurity expert sought to unlock opportunities and facilitate company growth. She needed a C-suite partner.

On the front line of cybersecurity.


Data security is not simply a matter of installing a new piece of software, but understanding and addressing the threats that are unique to your organization.

In that same manner, Howbridge delved deep to identify Towerwall’s unique strengths and positioned the Company as a thought-leader and better positioned to attract their ideal client.


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Boston, MA

Enter CGO & CMO for hire.

Since 1999, Towerwall has been a pioneer in the world of cybersecurity. Not just by embracing and implementing the latest technology, but by blazing trails as one of the few woman owned firms.

With a team primarily dedicated to account management and sales, Towerwall turned to Howbridge to join the team as their chief growth officer to lead strategic growth and expansion.

Together we set out on key initiatives…

Key Initiatives Included:

Advise CEO in developing and executing on corporate strategy.


Key Initiatives Included:

Develop high margin sales and marketing engagement strategies.


Key Initiatives Included:

Direct engagement with executive team for culture building activities for recruitment and retention.


Key Initiatives Included:

Develop key corporate partnerships with industry leaders.


Key Initiatives Included:

Partner with finance and sales teams to develop revenue lines.


“I introduce Howbridge as our vCMO, but quickly tell people they are way more more than that, they are a true C-suite partner.

We have been working together for over 15 years, that should speak volumes on the results, trust and faith we have in the Howbridge team.”

– Michelle Drolet, Founder & CEO, Towerwall

Organizational growth, inside and out.

Through our strategic initiatives, Towerwall achieved key milestones, including:

“First 25” to launch services on AWS Marketplace.

Double digit increase to top & bottom lines.

Increased margins and expanded pipeline.

Successfully onboarded marketing & sales automation.