Professors from Stanford University developed non-invasive, wireless blood pressure monitoring. They needed brand development experts to raise capital.

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PyrAmes a spinout from Stanford University, is focused on transforming the delivery of health care through advanced sensor measurement. The Company is developing a proprietary platform to provide continuous blood pressure monitoring that is accurate, wireless and non-invasive. It is intended for patients of all ages, from newborns to seniors.

PyrAmes was getting ready to announce thier Series A Round but needed to hit the right tone in a market with competing technologies.


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Hello, world.

Our relationship is deep, having worked with the executive team and board members on previous ventures.  The PyrAmes team was in a position many early stage medtech ventures find themselves: encouraging trial data, eager investors and endless market applications.

They needed to make the right impact from Day 1.

Together we set out on key initiatives…

Key Initiatives Included:

Partner with executive team in developing value proposition.


Key Initiatives Included:

Develop commercialization framework.


Key Initiatives Included:

Enhance and streamline communication platform.


Key Initiatives Included:

Develop digital footprint to inform investor, academic and commercial audiences.


“Since our inception, our focus has been on clinical development.

Howbridge has been a wonderful partner that balances our immediate needs with a flow to the future that examines our business, commercialization as well subsequent funding rounds.”

– Xina Quan, PhD, Co-founder & CEO, PyrAmes

A structure to capitalize & commercialize.

Through our strategic initiatives, PyrAmes achieved key milestones, including:

Enhanced value proposition & communication strategies.

Strategic plan for go-to-market & fundraising.

Greater engagement with investor group & early adopters.