StoneTurn sought Howbridge’s help to revitalize their brand reposition firm for domestic and international expansion.

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StoneTurn, a professional service advisory firm, assists Fortune 500 clients, their counsel and government agencies on regulatory, risk and compliance issues, investigations and business disputes.

Often referred to as the “best-kept secret in consulting,” they sought global expansion and increased brand recognition. They turned to Howbridge for additional bandwidth, expertise and perspective to create a global brand and fuel firm expansion.


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Serving as corporate partners with StoneTurn to craft a business strategy for global expansion, repositioned them for growing domestic and international markets, and aligned their business development initiatives with their marketing plans.

Together we set out on key initiatives…

Key Initiatives Included:

Rebrand and reposition for domestic and international expansion.


Key Initiatives Included:

Strategize with partners for expanded business lines.


Key Initiatives Included:

Culture building activities, events and campaigns for recruitment and retention.


Key Initiatives Included:

Integrated outbound campaigns for reintroduction to the market and business line expansion.


“Being at the forefront of addressing care for underserved communities I knew we had to address it head on with big thinking.

Sounds simple, but Howbridge has turned a vision into reality with their practical know-how. Their plan and execution has our stakeholders excited and committed.”

– Ismael Rivera, Founder & Director of Prevention Services, Rise On

A brand built for international growth.

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Addressing care in underserved communities.

Improved care models.

Received funding in excess of current FY requirements.

Proactive funding from public and private groups.

Development of regional partnerships.

From the moment we began working with Howbridge, they truly served as members of our team. There is no task too large or small – from strategic conversations to the most tedious details, Howbridge delivers high-quality solutions to complex growth problems.