Social service provider needed to help their community. They needed a long-term business model and technological expertise to develop an online platform.

A community of support & health, a click away.

Rise On

Rise On, part of Justice Resource Institute (JRI), knew they needed to address disparities of care in the marginalized communities they serve. 

With a focus across three core initiatives: a community of support, access to care and harm reduction, Rise On paired innovative resources with community based outreach to rethink the model of care and provide access to historically marginalized groups.


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New England

Creating a community, building a movement.

Rise On knew it needed to have meaningful impact and to connect with the community with modern tools. Howbridge and Rise On created a unique service model centered around a multi-language telehealth App to encourage and facilitate care. Many who were afraid of traditional settings are now anonymously receiving much needed services.

Together we set out on key initiatives…

Key Initiatives Included:

Development of strategic and operating plan


Key Initiatives Included:

Development of multi-language Telehealth platform


Key Initiatives Included:

Brand development and market positioning


Key Initiatives Included:

Fundraising & sponsorship development


“Being at the forefront of addressing care for underserved communities I knew we had to address it head on with big thinking.

Sounds simple, but Howbridge has turned a vision into reality with their practical know-how. Their plan and execution has our stakeholders excited and committed.”

– Ismael Rivera, Founder & Director of Prevention Services, Rise On


Through our strategic insight and partnership, Rise On achieved key milestones, including:

Addressing care in underserved communities.

Improved care models.

Received funding in excess of current FY requirements.

Proactive funding from public and private groups.

Development of regional partnerships.