Sustainable technology experts developed a seawater-activated lithium battery. They needed entrepreneurial specialists to bring their business to market.

The next generation battery is here.


PolyPlus is a world leader in the development of next-generation battery technology. The Company invented and patented the protected lithium electrode (PLE) which is a core technology for lithium-sulfur, lithium-air, and lithium-water batteries.

PolyPlus has a world-class team of scientists and engineers and a rich pool of intellectual property totaling more than 135 issued and 40 pending patents. The PLE was recognized by TIME magazine as one of the 50 Best Inventions of 2011, and by the Edison Committee with a Gold Edison Award in 2012. Founded in 1991, they considered themselves a 25+ year old startup and were ready to step out of stealth mode.


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Berkeley, CA

The first. The future.

For 25 years the PolyPlus team focused on research and development, advancing their technology and achieving “The highest energy density in the history of batteries.”

With new benchmarks came new funding opportunities. We partnered with the team to showcase “just enough” of the breakthrough technology and illustrate the potential market impact.

Together we set out on key initiatives…

Key Initiatives Included:

Developed authentic brand and value proposition to attract investors.


Key Initiatives Included:

Enhance and streamline communication platform.


Key Initiatives Included:

Develop digital footprint to inform academia and commercial audiences.


“So happy one of our investors recommended them. Right from the beginning Howbridge understood our most pressing needs while considering our expanded horizon.

I have come to value their insightful and careful approach coupled with first-rate responsiveness.”

 – Bruce Katz, Manager, Intellectual Property, PolyPlus

Powering a bright future.

PolyPlus is positioned as a leader in innovative battery technology. Recently, they announced breakthroughs in their first-ever seawater-activated lithium battery, achieving the highest energy density in the history of batteries. Through our strategic initiatives, PolyPlus achieved key milestones, including:

Five-fold retention rate increase, in one of the top engineering markets.

Closed two significant funding rounds.

Expansion of key global partnerships.