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Core 4 Trade Growth Program™

Trade professionals are underserved when it comes to finding the right advisors to grow their business.
Our clients have told us they previously turned to their accountants, lawyers or even website companies to help change the trajectory of their business. This results in patchwork solutions that don’t address the big picture.

This is where Howbridge stands out.
We specialize in growing companies just like yours.


Build your roadmap.



Solutions that work.



Achieve your goals.

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our clients
have achieved:


Close deals faster and accelerate your sales rate by 2x.


Achieve three times the return on your marketing spend.


Experience a substantial increase to your top line.


Optimize margins for increased financial gains.


Build your team by attracting & retaining top talent.

* Results are not guaranteed. Actual results will vary.


Set Goals & Identify Opportunities

We examine your market, needs, and opportunities so you can capitalize on today. We then set realistic goals to measure our work.

Revenue Lines & Higher Margins

We look at your unique value to leverage existing or create new lines that maximize skill, demand and opportunity.

Develop a 3 Year Growth Plan

We help you build a solid plan for growth, that is actionable and looks at a growing team, customer demand and planning for what’s next.

Align Company & Operations

You have built a quality business. We help you build structure, stay organized and efficient with processes and tools, look and feel professional, and make the most of technology.



Build Strong Brand Recognition

We help you establish a distinct brand, and reputation that will differentiate yourself in the market and gain customer trust.

Simplify Selling

Getting to yes fast. We accelerate the sales cycle by providing your team with the tools and training to be solution based and who will embody and promote your brand with every customer and prospect

Marketing that Actually Works

You need a cost-effective and human-centric marketing strategy that yields results and stops wasting resources on ineffective approaches. We build better marketing that leverages your brand, website, social media and your people.

A Winning Culture

Top talent wins it all. We help you build a culture that emphasizes values and shows profit and purpose can coexist. All leads to attracting and retaining the best the industry has.



Market Ownership

Gain market ownership of key revenue drivers and grow the gap between you and the competition.

Better Revenue per Employee

Unlock the full potential of your workforce and boost profitability without overburdening your staff.

Recurring Revenue

Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to predictable income streams that fuel your success.

Customer Experience

Amaze customers with an unmatched experience that increases referrals and sets you apart from competition.

Enhanced Internal Communication

Fuel collaboration and streamline operations.

Quick Implementation that Doesn’t Cost you Months

At Howbridge, we value urgency and bring a “0-60” approach to change your business within days, not years. From day to day to the overall big picture, Howbridge is your partner here to help you execute on your vision and growth plan.

Select Trade Companies We Have Advised

“Like a trusted friend, we’ve relied on Howbridge over 20 years to push our boundaries and drive our business forward.

They know our market, our customers, and our company inside out and have been pivotal in our success. If you’re looking for top-notch planning and strategic execution, you won’t find anyone better. They are the real deal.”

– Sam Soderholm, President (3rd Generation), Soderholm Custom Builders

“Howbridge brought a whole new light to our electrical business. We were changing our business model, moving to direct-to-consumer, and needed a partner who had experience in taking businesses in a new direction.

It has helped us capture new opportunities and a new outlook. “

– Paul Macrina, Founder & Owner, Paul Macrina Electrical

“Howbridge has been a game-changer for us. They helped us attract a more discerning clientele who appreciate and are willing to pay for our craftsman quality work.

Bottom line, they helped us grow our company and brought us to a higher level than our competitors. We’re sealing more deals, better deals, and doing it all faster. At any turn, Howbridge has had my back.”

– Dan McQuillan, Founder & Owner, D. McQuillan Construction & Fine Homes

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