Nonprofit leaders built a software program for purpose-driven organizations. They needed a strategic partner to scale their platform.

Breaking down silos.


AltruLink helps organizations collect, process, report, and share critical data so they can create greater impact in their communities.

AltruLink is designed to streamline how your organization collects, processes, reports, and shares critical data – all with a focus on integrating how you work.​ From migration to integration, AltruLink connects your programs, people, and data to eliminate data silos.


Partner Since



AltruLink’s powerful platform allows nonprofit organizations to collect, sort and understand data to easily measure impact. Since its inception, AltruLink had been highly focused on servicing their existing clients, they were ready to expand.

Howbridge helped AltruLink develop an actionable growth plan for rapid implemenation that focused on scaling their platform.

Together we set out on key initiatives…

Key Initiatives Included:

Work directly with CEO in developing and executing on corporate strategy.


Key Initiatives Included:

Develop pricing structure, revenue lines and financial modeling.


Key Initiatives Included:

Culture building activities and campaigns for recruitment and retention.


Key Initiatives Included:

Integrated outbound campaigns for reintroduction to the market and business line expansion.


“There were challenges we long debated, Howbridge provided clarity along with rapid solutions that our executive team could all agree on.

Howbridge continues to be a valuable and trusting resource for our company.”

– Dan Salazar, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, AltruLink


Through our strategic insight, AltruLink achieved key milestones, including:

Double digit increase of engagement with high quality prospects

Higher revenue and engagement with client

Significant rise in inbound prospect inquiry

Increased efficiency and utilization rate of internal team